XII International Scientific and Practical Conference

"Information Control Systems and Technologies (ICST-ODESSA-2024)"

23 - 25 of September 2024

About the conference

For 11 consecutive years, the International Scientific and Practical Conference brings together teachers, graduate students, employees of universities and research organizations.

The purpose of the conference is the exchange of experience in scientific and practical research in: artificial intelligence; development and analysis of big data; blockchain and cryptotechnologies; control systems in robotic systems; data security and cryptography; ICT in network and administration; information systems and technologies in Data Mining; intelligent technology management; mathematical modeling; methodology and didactics of teaching and using ICTs; application development process; project management; systemic analysis; software development.

Conference materials will be submitted for publication on the Internet as a separate volume of conference materials CEUR (Aachen, Germany, ISSN 1613-0073), indexed in Scopus and DBLP.

Selected articles will be recommended for submission to the journal «Applied aspects of information technology» (ISSN 2617-4316 (print), 2663-7723 (Online), DOI), «Informatics and mathematical methods in simulation» (ISSN 2223-5744 (print), 2226-1923 (Online), DOI) and to the journal «Bulletin of advanced information technology» (ISSN 2663- 0176 (Print), 2663-7731 (Online), DOI).

Participation in XII INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC AND PRACTICAL CONFERENCE "Information Control Systems and Technologies (ICST-ODESSA-2024)" free of charge

Selected articles in expanded form will be published in a collective monograph.


Prof. Kalashnikov Alexander (United Kingdom)

Prof. Kharchenko Vyacheslav (Ukraine)

Prof. Scott P Overmyer (USA)

Dr. Kucher Kostiantyn (Sweden)

Prof. Kumar Anil Tripathi (India)

Prof. Antoshchuk Svetlana (Ukraine)

Prof. Cariow Aleksandr (Poland)

Prof. Rychlik Andrzej (Poland)

Prof. Yuriy Kondratenko (Ukraine)

Prof. Vychuzhanin Vladimir (Ukraine)

Prof. Luengo David (Spain)

Prof. Hang Yin (USA)

Prof. Subbotin Sergey (Ukraine)

As. Prof. Tyshchenko Oleksii (Czech Republic)

Prof. Zhengmao Ye (USA)

Dr. Gorodnichy Dmitry (Canada)

Prof. Melnyk Viktor (Poland)

Prof. Elena Zaitseva (Slovak Republic)

Prof. Pakštas Аlgirdas (United Kingdom)

Prof. Abdel-Badeeh M. Salem (Egypt)

Important dates

20 June, 2024

Last day for accepting applications

30 July, 2024

Pre-acceptance report, reviewers comments

30 June, 2024

Last day for submission of articles

30 August, 2024

Acceptance Notice

30 July, 2024

The last day of payment for participation in the conference

Conference sections

1. Information control systems

Blockchain and Crypto Technologies

Control Systems in Robotic Systems

Data Security and Cryptography

ICT in Network and Administration

Methodology and Didactics of Teaching and Using ICT

2. Intelligent systems and data analysis

Data Mining Technologies and Big Data

Intelligent control technologies

Artificial neural networks and machine learning

Applied intelligent systems

Intellectual models and knowledge engineering technologies

Multi-agent systems and distributed computing

3. Modeling and software engineering

Mathematical and simulation modeling

Project management and risk assessment

Design and development of software applications

Software testing automation

Agile methodologies and business processes formalization

International Program Committee

Prof. Antoshchuk Svetlana, Odesа Polytechnic National University (Ukraine);
Prof. Babichev Sergii, Kherson State University (Ukraine);
As. Prof. Bobrovnikova, Kira Khmelnitsky National University (Ukraine);
Prof. Cariow Aleksandr, West Pomeranian University of Technology (Poland);
Prof. Kalashnikov Alexander, Sheffield Hallam University (United Kingdom);
Prof. Gorodnichy Dmitry, Canada Border Services Agency (Canada);
Prof. Kharchenko Vyacheslav, National Aerospace University KhAI (Ukraine);
Prof. Kondratenko Yuriy, Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University (Ukraine);
Prof. Kucher Kostiantyn Linköping University (Sweden);
Prof. Melnyk Viktor, Department of Applied Computer Science Institute of Mathematics (Poland);
Prof. Overmyer Scott, Southern New Hampshire University (United States);
Prof. Pakštas Algirdas, VU Institute of Mathematics and Informatics (United Kingdom);
Prof. Tripathi Kumar Anil, Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), (India);
Prof. Rychlik Andrzej, Lodz University of Technology (Poland);
As. Prof. Rudnichenko Nickolay, Odesа Polytechnic National University (Ukraine);
Prof. Salem Abdel-Badeeh, Ain Shams University (Egypt);
Prof. Zaitseva Elena, University of Zilina (Slovak Republic);
Prof. Subbotin Sergey, Head of the Department of Software Tools, National University "Zaporizhzhia Polytechnic" (Ukraine);
Prof. Tarasov Alexander, Donbass State Engineering Academy (Ukraine);
Prof. Luengo David, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (Spain);
As. Prof. Tyshchenko Oleksii. Institute for Research and Applications of Fuzzy Modeling, CE IT4Innovations, University of Ostrava (Czechia);
Prof. Vychuzhanin Vladimir. Odesа Polytechnic National University (Ukraine);
Prof. Ye Zhengmao, Southern University (United States);
Prof. Yin Hang, Southern University (United States).

Organising Committee

Antoshchuk S., prof., Odesа Polytechnic National University (Ukraine);
Vychuzhanin V., prof., Odesа Polytechnic National University (Ukraine);
Bobrovnikova K., as. prof., Khmelnitsky National University (Ukraine);
Kondratenko Yu., prof., Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University (Ukraine);
Grishin S., as. prof., Odesа Polytechnic National University (Ukraine);
Kozlov А., as. prof., Odesа Polytechnic National University (Ukraine);
Rudnichenko N., as. prof., Odesа Polytechnic National University (Ukraine);
Shibaeva N., as. prof., Odesа Polytechnic National University (Ukraine).

Technical committee

Committee secretaries:

Grishin S., as. prof., Odesа Polytechnic National University (Ukraine);
Rudnichenko N., as. prof., Odesа Polytechnic National University (Ukraine).

Committee members:

Lavruhin V., Odesа Polytechnic National University (Ukraine);
Chesnova N., Odesа Polytechnic National University(Ukraine).

Contact number from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on business days +38 (048) 705-85-69 — Chesnova Natalia Igorivna.

Required documents to submit an article for CEUR

Article formatting:

All papers must be original and not submitted simultaneously to another journal or conference. Full articles in English of 10-15 pages in the form of MS Word 2003 docx files in the new CEUR format are welcome: CEUR-Template-1col.docx with a corresponding list of references. Example article: CEUR-Template-1col.pdf

Submission of articles:

Documents must be submitted in the Easy Chair system .

For each article, authors must print, manually fill out, sign and scan the Author Agreement: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gnJBxDD8fs9F-F-n78TG3Otcd29JFaye/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=113482778144811651655&rtpof=true&sd=true as a jpg file. For each article, the author must fill out a registration form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfdb320DR8P7fGSd1-mfkuuRCP5YoCg0u2Hz08lyi-3blpZ7A/viewform

Submission of theses to the conference materials

Important dates

08/20/2024 - application deadline

08/30/2024 – completion of abstracts of reports

30.08.2024 - end of payment acceptance

Requirements for drawing abstracts of reports

Manuscripts that are the result of one's own original research of scientific and practical significance, which have not previously been published anywhere and are not intended for publication in other publications, are accepted for consideration!


  • - theses (1-3 full pages, including illustrations, formulas, tables and bibliography) in A4 format, typed in Times New Roman font, 14 points with line spacing in the text editor MS Word (doc). No animation is used. Page parameters: paragraph - 5 mm; margins of 30 mm on all sides;
  • - the title of the report in the center in large bold letters, do not put a period at the end of the title;
  • - surnames, initials of the authors through a comma in the center of the page in bold type with an indication of the scientific degree of the author, ORCID. Below, indicate the place of work, the country of the author in italics in the center, E-mail;
  • - the name of the report in English in the center in bold capital letters;
  • - authors' surnames in English in the center of the page in bold;
  • - Text alignment across the page width;
  • - there are no hyphens in the words;
  • - there is no deviation from the left and right fields;
  • - figures and tables are typed in Times New Roman 12 font with single line spacing;
  • - drawings, diagrams and tables are created in black and white mode;
  • - the use of colors and fills, as well as scanned drawings, is not allowed;
  • - all figures and tables must have a name;
  • - formulas must be typed in the formula editor MS Equation 3.0 and numbered in round brackets (1);
  • - the list of references is provided by the link after the text, is drawn up in accordance with GOST and must contain no more than 5 items;
  • - The list is compiled in the order of references in the text. For references, the number of references is indicated in square brackets [1];
  • - the name of the file with the thesis must correspond to the last name of the first author and the section.

An example of an application for a conference participant. The application is made out as a separate file (the name of the file is the last name of the first author) and consists of 2 parts:


Conference name
Title of abstracts of the report

Number and name of the conference section

Email address for sending conference materials

Email address for sending conference materials

The possibility of publishing theses (paper, electronic)

2. Individual part of the application (for each co-author, information is issued separately!)

Author's full name

Place of work (organization, university, without abbreviations)

Position, department (without abbreviation), academic degree, academic rank

Contact number


Submission of materials for the monograph

Important dates

20.09.2024 - closing of applications

30.09.2024 - closing of submission of articles

30.09.2024 - completion of payment

Scientific articles submitted for publication should contain the following elements: statement of the problem in general terms and its connection with important scientific and practical problems; analysis of recent studies and publications in which the solution of this problem has begun, to which the author refers, the allocation of previously unresolved parts of the general problem to which the article is devoted; formulation of the objectives of the article (statement of the problem); presentation of the main material of the study with a full justification of the obtained scientific results; conclusions on this study and prospects for further research in this direction. Volume 16 - 24 pages. Materials must be sent to icst_nuop@ukr.net

Payment Information
Electronic edition Paper edition Paper edition of the monograph
Ukraine 170 UAH 300 UAH 600 UAH
Another country 10 USD 20 USD

The cost of delivery of the collection of abstracts is included in the cost of publishing the collection of abstracts of reports.

Travel and accommodation at the expense of the conference participants.

Details for payment in USD


ACCOUNT: UA553223130000026009000032098,



PURPOSE: Consulting on informatization. ICST2021. Surname and name of the first author,

INTERMEDIARY BANK: JP Morgan Chase Bank N.A., New York,



Awards and publications

Conference participants will be issued certificates.

Expanded work formatted in accordance with requirements and performed with by citing ICST 2024 materials, it may be submitted for publication in international journals:

Travel information


The conference will be held at Odesа Polytechnic National University. The cost of living is left to the conference participants.

Meeting place

ICST 2024 will be held in early autumn, and Odessa will be at its best: the city is famous for its hospitality and hospitality, beautiful parks, diverse cuisine, fascinating history and charismatic architecture.

How can you get to Odessa

By air

Odessa International Airport

Adress: st. Central Airport

Website: www.airport.odessa.ua

By bus

A lot of routes lead to Odessa. More precise information is given on the website.

Website: http://ticket.bus.com.ua/?lang=en

By train

Station address: Station Square, 2.

Websites: http://odz.gov.ua/ и https://booking.uz.gov.ua/en/

Details of how to get to Odessa. odessa.travel и wikitravel.org.


Opera and Ballet Theatre

Museums in Odessa


Jewish Odessa

Belgorod-Dniester fortress and wine tasting in Shabo

Criminal Odessa

Address of conference organizing committee

Odesа Polytechnic National University


Shevchenko ave., 1, 65044, Odessa, Ukraine

Organizing Committee Location

Odesа Polytechnic National University, Shevchenko Avenue, 1, 65044, Odessa, Ukraine

Contact details:

+38 (048) 705-85-69


icst_nuop@ukr.net, 126.ist.onpu@gmail.com